This Instagram Account Is Revealing Olympians Who Use Tinder

This Instagram Account Is Revealing Olympians Who Use Tinder

February 12, pm Updated February 12, pm. From ski jumpers and snowboarders to ice dancers and figure skaters, photos have been shared on the handle tinderpyeongchang, seemingly showing that despite other things on their minds, dating is still important. The page has posted 73 profiles so far, but that is likely to grow with thousands of top sport stars competing. We have to add, of course, there is no way of knowing whether the athletes in question are still using the app. Read Next. Your biggest money regrets revealed. This story has been shared , times. This story has been shared 52, times.

Dating App Users Are Reportedly Changing Their Locations To Pyeongchang To Match With Olympians

The Olympics , yes, but also the breeding ground for potential romance, hook-ups, and partying. The Pyeongchang Winter Games are underway and in between going for the gold, some athletes are going for each other. Condoms are definitely not hard to come by in the Olympic village. Each Olympian received 37 condoms for the PyeongChang games.

Hookups among athletes have long been part of the games, but mobile apps has made Olympic flings a lot easier. During the London Olympics in.

Subscriber Account active since. In what has become something of an Olympic tradition, Olympic athletes in Rio are using Tinder at a shockingly high rate. From the AP:. The popularity of mobile dating apps at the Olympics was a big story in London in and continued in Sochi in It’s no surprise, then, officials allocated roughly , condoms for athletes staying in the village this summer in Rio.

As a source told E! News via Perez Hilton , Tinder is especially popular among athletes because it makes it easier for them to connect with each other:. Many of these women and men have been out of the dating game or never in the dating game before the Olympics, so it’s a lot to take in for these athletes, especially after training so hard to be here.

Olympics of dating: Tinder says usage is skyrocketing in Rio

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In what may come as a surprise to literally no one, Tinder reports that usage — and matches! — are skyrocketing among athletes at the Olympic.

Who cares about a bronze medal if you can get right-swiped by Ryan Lochte? Anyone using Tinder in Rio de Janeiro right now is in for a treat. Because, not only are the Brazilians a gorgeous and generously waxed people, but Tinder in Brazil right now is full of cut Olympic athletes looking to let off a little sexual steam as they hang out in Olympic Village. Can you imagine it? There are athletes from all over the world looking for hook-ups, including many from Team USA. Not to mention a whole LOT of hot Australian athletes.

There have always been stories about how sexually charged it can get when you have a bunch of young athletes in their physical primes living together, so it just an app like Tinder seems like a logical tool to get those like-minded Adonises together in the easiest way possible.

When they aren’t competing, Olympians are all over Tinder in Rio

During the last several Olympic Games, a ton of people have used dating apps in Olympic Village , the college campus-type area that houses the athletes. And to prepare for all the sex that may be had, free condoms were distributed, too. Regarding the Olympics in Sochi, Dr. She attended several Olympic Games, as well as toured the Olympic Villages.

Do Athletes Use Dating Apps In The Olympic Village Heres What Goes Down During The Olympics Most services offer digital messaging, while others provide​.

Athletes increasingly are using apps like Tinder as they look to have fun and escape the pressures of competition inside the Olympic Village. Profiles from athletes of nearly every sport can be found on Tinder with updates like “Got plenty of time to kill,” or “Looking for fun in Rio! Hookups among athletes have long been part of the games, but mobile apps has made Olympic flings a lot easier. During the London Olympics in , the popular gay dating app Grindr crashed almost immediately after athletes started arriving at the Olympic Village, according to The Daily Mail.

Mobile dating surged during the Winter Games in Sochi after Olympic organizers loosened strict social media guidelines that had been in place in London. In the mountain village it’s all athletes. It’s hilarious. There are some cuties on there. Since then, the market for hookup apps has only grown more popular.

Tinder, which allows users to swipe right on a profile picture to approve and left to reject, is among the most widely used in the growing market that includes Grindr, Hinge and others. Tinder spokeswoman Rosette Pambakian said usage has skyrocketed in Rio de Janeiro. Matches in the Olympic Village increased by percent over the weekend, and the company expects that trend to continue, she said. Marcus Nyman, a judoka in the men’s kilogram division from Sweden, said he got 10 matches on Tinder in the first day or so after he arrived in Rio.

Tons of People Are Changing Their Tinder Locations to Match With Olympic Athletes

Apparently watching the Winter Olympics on television will no longer suffice in making people feel at the very heart of the action. These days, people are changing their Tinder locations so they can swipe on athletes at the Olympic Villages in South Korea. According to Tinder data, there’s been a 1, percent increase in swipers “passporting” to the Olympic Villages, where the athletes are staying.

Tinder Passport is a feature which allows users to change their location to connect with people anywhere in the world. That means anyone with a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold account can switch their location to Pyeongchang if they want in on some Olympic action. And, users in Pyeongchang are apparently “giving away right swipes like hotcakes.

In a figure in the Associated Press, it states that mobile dating app America has is getting flooded with pictures from the Olympics of Tinder and other apps.

According to Reuters , Tinder has seen a percent spike in usage in PyeongChang since the Olympics began. It also means Tinder has data on who’s getting swiped right the most in the Olympic Village. The most popular athletes on Tinder, according to the app, are male bobsledders and female snowboarders. A further breakdown?

Male ice hockey players, snowboarders, alpine skiers and skeleton racers are also doing just fine. Same thing for female alpine skiers, bobsledders, lugers and freestyle skiers. Tinder’s location-changing option includes the Olympic Village, but the app says athletes from the United States, Sweden and Great Britain are trying the hardest most to “connect” with other athletes.

No word yet on how many of those record-breaking number of condoms that were distributed have been used, but, like, probably everyone in the Village goes home a winner at least once , no? Follow Tess on Twitter. Help save lives. United States. Type keyword s to search.

The hottest Olympians on Tinder!

Welp, the Olympics have made the second statement within a week that I predict will absolutely backfire. The Tokyo Olympics kick off in July this year, and the cardboard beds in the Olympic Village have actually been a pretty massive deal. Even the mattresses — not made of cardboard thankfully — will be recycled into plastic products. Some of those weightlifters and shot putters have back muscles that weigh more than my entire body, but I digress.

During the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Tinder usage shot up.

Gordeeva, if olympian is using Tinder outside of PyeongChang, like in Chicago, they can change their location on the app and dating and rain with dancers at.

Tinder users are paying actual money to change their location so they can swipe right on the athletes in the Olympic Villages! Tinder came out with the top ten countries who use “Tinder Plus” or “Tinder Gold” the most to catch themselves an Olympic bae:. On top of that, Tinder gave all Olympic Village users free access to Tinder Gold while the games are underway. So not only could you have a chance at crossing paths with an Olympic hottie through the app, but they could also swipe right on you too!

At least they’ll have protection! A couple companies donated , condoms for the athletes to use while the winter games are going on. That’s over 37 condoms per person! Olympians have to fill the time between training and competing somehow! Now go forth and get you a gold medal boo!

Olympics: Tinder Took Over The Rio Olympic Village

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